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Sep 30 2012

Teach For A Profit?

Quick thoughts on two tweets I saw the other day about Teach For America’s finances. The first compares TFA’s revenue and expenses for 2011 . The second tweet looks at the incomes of TFA CEO Wendy Kopp and her husband Richard Barth, CEO of KIPP. I had issues with the implicit message of both tweets.…

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Over the past two years, I’ve seen an increased fascination (fixation?) with the ever-evolving activities of Teach For America as a non-profit organization. TFA continues to be scrutinized routinely by people with a range of experiences, perspectives and loyalties. Fittingly, the reviews thus far have been mixed. What is most interesting to me is how…

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It’s officially that time of year when flowers are starting to bloom and state test review is kicking into high gear. Coming off of Spring Break, I learned a lot about the players in the education reform debate as I travelled to New Orleans, Houston and San Antonio. I would love to expand upon the…

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Dec 11 2011

TFA’s Master Plan?

TFA, do better. In many ways I love TFA. I love its ideals and its mission resonates with me. If TFA wants to promote best practices and truly work towards attacking root causes of education inequity, then sign me up for the long haul. However, if TFA is in the business of turning public schools into alternative schools no one wants to teach at while incubating charters, I want no part of that movement. I want to help, but what am I helping?

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Nov 06 2011

Of Neutrinos and Opportunities

Thanks to the Opportunity Nation campaign, which brought together leading organizations and individuals across sectors to collaborate in the fight for a better America, I had an amazing time at the summit; from engaging with ambitious ideas to combat income inequality and networking with like-minded scholars over delicious soul food, to catching up with former colleagues from ServiceNation, and even having the opportunity to meet Wendy Kopp, the Founder and CEO of Teach For America. However, I’m left wondering what hope is there for the Mississippi Delta?

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Oct 22 2011

It’s So Hard To Find Good Help These Days

Wendy Kopp struck a nerve with me when she claimed TFA had been successful because it spent 20 years proving that poor, black children could learn. I’m sure (hoping…) that she meant something else by that, but a society that needs 20 years and millions of dollars to believe these children can learn has another thing coming to it. I want my students to get in the habit of asking good, scientific questions; and I’m not talking about: “would you like fries with that?”

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