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“The most important thing in the Olympic Games is not to win but to take part, just as the most important thing in life is not the triumph but the struggle. The essential thing is not to have conquered but to have fought well.” -Olympic Creed The Olympics have been amazing to watch (or, rather,…

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May 10 2012

Testing 1, 2, 3!

Our state testing cycle, the MCT2 (Mississippi Curriculum Test 2nd Edition), is officially over! Not including the test for my class, the 60-question 8th grade science test taken last week, these three multiple-choice tests consisted of 43 language questions, 40 writing questions, and 60 math questions. Unsurprisingly, students struggle most with long reading passages; at…

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Dec 21 2011

I Apologize…

I know what you’re thinking: “he missed his regular Sunday post- something’s up. He must be writing an apology for that post about TFA’s Master Plan!” And you would be half write…I mean right ;-P I am apologizing; however, this apology is for my students. Today, I did something perhaps slightly unprofessional and un-TFA. Today,…

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Dec 04 2011

Bring It On!?

I struggled to write this post because I’m feeling a bit ambivalent about my role within Teach For America…again. My blog so far has been fairly positive regarding my experience but I’m starting to feel like I’m sugarcoating a lot. I’ll reflect on this one day soon. In the meantime, coaching, teaching, mentoring, planning, testing, blahblahblah-ing. Bring it on, because I can handle it! I hope…

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Nov 20 2011

Know Your Role, And Shut Your Mouth?

I’m at a crossroads. I’m enjoying my students but not the nitty gritty of my job. My students need positive male role models just as badly as they need highly effective teachers, but I’m burning the candle at both ends trying to do both. What would the Rock say?

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