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Aug 18 2013

Can Segregation Be #Beautiful?

Earlier in the summer, musical sensations Mariah Carey and Miguel released a collaboration entitled “#Beautiful.” The song had some chart success and created a solid level of buzz for the long-time diva. However, it’s interesting to consider that multiracial backgrounds of the entertainers: Miguel, for example, has a Mexican father and African-American mother. Mariah, on…

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Not much to say here. Mississippi once again makes a fool of itself. After President Obama was reelected, a group of students at Mississippi’s largest university, “Ole Miss” decided to protest on campus employing the use of numerous racial slurs best left in the 60s. It’s worth noting that the University of Mississippi has an…

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May 07 2012

The Wrong Race

It makes me so sick. To think no matter how quick. This race, we won’t win.   In my rest and relaxation following one of the last Monday’s of the school year, I sought to read some uplifting local news. I saw on Twitter a link to a track meet in Mississippi. As a former…

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Mar 25 2012

I’m Tired Of Playing (Hunger) Games

Back in the summer before 7th Grade, I had just finished reading Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (Book #4) when the first movie was set to come out. Personally, I was irritated because I had been made fun of for reading the series but by the time the movies came out, all of…

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Nov 22 2011

Where the Grass is Greener on the Other Side

I wouldn’t let my family visit me last year; I figured I’d be too tempted to go back home with them! Things are different now. For this Thanksgiving, my family came to visit me and when I get a chance I’m blogging about our travels around the Delta. The first leg of our trip was the strip of towns along Route 82. I wanted to show my mom the charm of each community but also the stark contrast of the divisions economically, racially, and educationally.“Someone’s getting a pretty penny from all those fields, but, clearly, it’s not everyone.”

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