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Jul 21 2013

The Catch-22 of Teach For America

[Click here to read: Teach For America Isn't Perfect, but it Has Been a Boost to Education] I haven’t posted here in over four months, but I wanted to share some thoughts from all the TFA hoopla as of late. There are some great articles out there providing perspective on the escalating debate over whether…

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Feb 09 2013

Where Have All the Bloggers Gone?

I recently read Gary Rubinstein’s post entitled: “The Silence of the (Sacrificial) Lambs” and immediately thought back to the classic Paula Cole hit, “Where Have All the Cowboys Gone?” In the past month, his post has generated nearly 100 comments, many from defensive or offended corps members; some of the more insightful comments come from…

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Dec 19 2012

“L’eggo My [Ego]!”

Some sticky situations arose this week and I’m not talking about waffle syrup. If you are wondering why we still have violence and education crises in modern day America, look no further than the grown folks making decisions and mouthing platitudes from their soapboxes. We see this pseudo-argumentation about the fiscal cliff (here and here),…

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Due in part to the maddening flurry of education reform related articles in the past two month, I had essentially sworn off blogging. While in the groove of seeing real change happening on the ground every day in my work with City Year, I felt increasingly removed from the debate between older folk being played…

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This summer, I was happy to blog about my experience at the MS Department of Education to share my source of hope for the state as I packed up to move back to Massachusetts. Since then, I haven’t really heard much good news: there’s been firings, and scandals, tornados, etc. Fortunately, my friends and former…

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Jul 27 2012

Stop! In The Name of Logic.

July has been a slow month for blogging. This isn’t because I don’t have a lot to say, quite the opposite really, but I’ve been so busy transitioning to a new job that it has been difficult to keep abreast of my writing. That said, I’ve come very close to saying a few things about…

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Jul 15 2012

When You Fail To Plan…

“When you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” While in college, I participated on a lot of student-run organizations from those dealing with leadership an public service to others focused on race and politics. I think it’s fair to state that I learned more from my experiences in these organizations than I gleaned from…

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“The preservation of a democratic civilization requires the wisdom of the serpent and the harmlessness of the dove. The children of light must be armed with the wisdom of the children of darkness but remain free from their malice.” -Reinhold Niebuhr I haven’t been blogging regularly recently because I am at the end of transitioning…

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Jun 04 2012

Would Mitt Romney Fire His Students? (WWRD?)

We know what Donald Trump would do. There’s been a lot in the news lately about Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney’s plan for improving education in America. Interestingly, he hasn’t really claimed any credit, to my knowledge, for Massachusetts regularly ranking as one of the Top Five states on various measures on student achievement and…

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May 20 2012

My Biggest Lessons from TFA

In the process of completing my end-of-the-year survey for Teach for America, I came across the following question and wanted to share my answer: “What are the two or three biggest lessons you’re taking away from your corps experience? These could be lessons about your students, yourself, the community where you work, the achievement gap…

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Dec 11 2011

TFA’s Master Plan?

TFA, do better. In many ways I love TFA. I love its ideals and its mission resonates with me. If TFA wants to promote best practices and truly work towards attacking root causes of education inequity, then sign me up for the long haul. However, if TFA is in the business of turning public schools into alternative schools no one wants to teach at while incubating charters, I want no part of that movement. I want to help, but what am I helping?

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