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Oct 29 2012

Rainy Day R & R

Lately, I feel like I begin every blog post with a disclaimer about how I “haven’t been blogging much recently.” In summary, things are great! I’m enjoying my job (it’s been really busy as of late), it’s nice to have college friends around, and I’m close to home. So, minus Hurricane Sandy, things are good.…

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This summer, I was happy to blog about my experience at the MS Department of Education to share my source of hope for the state as I packed up to move back to Massachusetts. Since then, I haven’t really heard much good news: there’s been firings, and scandals, tornados, etc. Fortunately, my friends and former…

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Oct 09 2012

“Bus It”

Today, the Opportunity Nation campaign focused on measuring opportunity. As we know, The American Dream remains unfulfilled for a large population of US citizens, but such an ideal can be difficult to quantify. Thankfully, we now have a useful metric called the Opportunity Index; this tool can help assess where opportunities are lacking in the…

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At my high school graduation, I referenced Sir Isaac Newton’s quote: “If I have seen further than others, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.” Six years later, I’ve found that one of my favorite City Year Founding Stories is the “Shoulders of Giants.” A couple weeks ago, I was inspired by Michelle…

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Sep 30 2012

Teach For A Profit?

Quick thoughts on two tweets I saw the other day about Teach For America’s finances. The first compares TFA’s revenue and expenses for 2011 . The second tweet looks at the incomes of TFA CEO Wendy Kopp and her husband Richard Barth, CEO of KIPP. I had issues with the implicit message of both tweets.…

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Sep 23 2012

American Dream O.N.

Last week, I attended the second Opportunity Nation Summit in our nation’s capital, where many prominent movers and shakers gathered to reassess the challenges plaguing the legacy of social mobility evoked by the “American Dream.” We recognize that the challenges are immense, but I left the conference with a renewed sense of purpose and the…

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As I’ve settled into my new job, I’ve encountered only one major downside: I’ve realized that my former students in Mississippi won’t get all the services they need (and deserve) primarily because their school lacks capacity for various reasons. However, it’s not a matter as simple as plopping down a City Year team. In order…

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Sep 10 2012

Class Backwards

I don’t know enough about the back story to comment on the strike in Chicago; however, I’ve been skimming articles on both sides of the picket line to get a balanced perspective of the situation. One TFA corps members has an insightful post concerning one school. All I can say is that low income students…

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Sep 09 2012

Vote to Promote Literacy!

Click on the link here: https://apps.facebook.com/chasecommunitygiving/charity/view/ein/51-0518142?ref=e38906d989 to support Bess the Book Bus, a mobile literacy organization dedicated to providing books to under-resourced children across America! “Bess the Book Bus is a mobile literacy outreach dedicated to building home libraries for children and families that otherwise may not have the opportunity to own books.” Last school…

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Sep 04 2012

A (Middle School) Moment Like This

My blogging as of late has been very sporadic, but good things are happening up here in Boston. I’ve also been trying to keep up with education news, but there has been A LOT to keep up with recently. One exciting article I wanted to share is part of the PBS series focused on the…

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