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Feb 12 2012

Unequal Opportunities

I’ve been keeping really busy lately, but I need to get back in the habit of posting more. I guess I’m going to have to put the Jeremy Lin highlights away for a little bit.

I watched the video below a few days ago and was reminded of why I came to the Delta in June of 2010. My students face countless additional challenges and I am here to help remove such socioeconomic and institutional barriers while raising the bar of expectations for excellence.

 The Unequal Opportunity Race: http://youtu.be/vX_Vzl-r8NY

Moreover, at our regional professional development, a fellow corps member shared a story of her high school biology students who have internalized such negative feelings about being black that they became emotionally upset in another class when their genetic test crosses produced darker-skinned outcomes.

Like the late, great Whitney Houston, I too believe that children are the future. Let’s work hard to give them a sense of pride, so they can learn to love themselves. That truly is the Greatest Love of All.

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