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Dec 27 2011

Holiday Humor Time

Since I returned home for break on Christmas Eve, I’ve had the chance to talk with my family and truly relax doing the things I love. In such an intellectually restorative environment, I’ve generated a half dozen ideas for new stories to blog about. However, as I organize my various thoughts, here’s some holiday humor to bridge the gap. No, not THAT Gap; not that one either :) Humor time…

Q: What is Taylor Swift’s desired Teach for America Summer Institute job?

A: She wants the CMA position (Corps Members Advisor)!

Q: Why did MC Hammer’s KIPP-inspired charter school, “MC High School” fail?

A: All the kids refused to do work and went around chanting: “U can’t teach this!”

Q: What did MC Hammer say about increased standardized testing on his curriculum?

A: “Can’t test this!”

Q: Why did the chicken cross the road?

A: to get to the Charter School on the other side!

Q: Science Exit Ticket: “Describe the purpose of evidence as it relates to a hypothesis  based on Nicki Minaj’s Khan Academy video?”

A: You need evidence to back that thang up!

Q: What was Big Sean’s favorite topic in 8th grade Science class? Why?

A: He loved learning about volcanoes and all that “ash, ash, ash, ash, ash…!”

Q:What do you get when one strawberry meets another strawberry?

A: a strawberry shake!

Q: What do you get when one banana divorces another banana?

A: A banana split

A good friend once told me: “The biggest threat to TFA is its corps members becoming self-aware and attacking the humans…”

When asked to respond to the prompt: “Briefly describe yourself showing humor and humility,” Roderigo wrote: “Well, I’m not the greatest student in history… or math…or science…or reading….” (adapted from the Disney channel)

And finally, in honor of fictional education, Harry Potter’s NEWTs, and other fairy tales, Newt Gingrich:

“Newt Gingrich said he’s afraid America will become an atheist country dominated by radical Islamists. Right. Our big problem could be religious atheists, almost as bad as pacifist warmongers. If they hook up with the communist capitalists we’re screwed.” —Jay Leno

Happy holidays, everyone! As my students would say, “Got Jokes!?” Feel free to share your best TFA jokes. Holler at me for the ones I deemed not fit to print ;-P

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