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Dec 31 2011

Resolving to Reconnect

I’m not the New Year’s resolution type, but in 2012, I want to revisit one of the reasons I started blogging on Teach For Us, which was to stay in touch with family, friends, and mentors from my life. Blogging has been very cathartic for me, as it relieves the pressure of having dozens of…

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Dec 29 2011

Since When Can You Read?

“Children have never been very good at listening to their elders, but they have never failed to imitate them.” –James Baldwin I have been home on break for almost a week now, and while I’ve enjoyed being away from the at times depressing Delta, I have also been reminded of why I joined Teach For…

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Dec 27 2011

Holiday Humor Time

Since I returned home for break on Christmas Eve, I’ve had the chance to talk with my family and truly relax doing the things I love. In such an intellectually restorative environment, I’ve generated a half dozen ideas for new stories to blog about. However, as I organize my various thoughts, here’s some holiday humor…

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Dec 22 2011

“Just Drink the Kool-Aid and Be Happy”

Update 12-23-11: Today was by all measures a great, positive day! The kids loved their Shipley’s doughnuts, hot Cheetos, sodas, candy, pizza etc. I was worried that they wouldn’t like my special Kool-Aid mix (4 quarts water, one red Kool-Aid mix, one raspberry lemonade mix, one+ cup of sugar), but they absolutely loved it!! “Mr.…

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Dec 21 2011

I Apologize…

I know what you’re thinking: “he missed his regular Sunday post- something’s up. He must be writing an apology for that post about TFA’s Master Plan!” And you would be half write…I mean right ;-P I am apologizing; however, this apology is for my students. Today, I did something perhaps slightly unprofessional and un-TFA. Today,…

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Dec 11 2011

TFA’s Master Plan?

TFA, do better. In many ways I love TFA. I love its ideals and its mission resonates with me. If TFA wants to promote best practices and truly work towards attacking root causes of education inequity, then sign me up for the long haul. However, if TFA is in the business of turning public schools into alternative schools no one wants to teach at while incubating charters, I want no part of that movement. I want to help, but what am I helping?

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Dec 04 2011

Bring It On!?

I struggled to write this post because I’m feeling a bit ambivalent about my role within Teach For America…again. My blog so far has been fairly positive regarding my experience but I’m starting to feel like I’m sugarcoating a lot. I’ll reflect on this one day soon. In the meantime, coaching, teaching, mentoring, planning, testing, blahblahblah-ing. Bring it on, because I can handle it! I hope…

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