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Aug 31 2011

It Takes A Teacher

Q: How did I go from the 50th percentile in first grade to the 99th percentile by high school graduation? A: It took a teacher. Teaching is important because it takes a teacher to see the potential in a struggling student, to push a good student to become a great student, and to show genuine interest in each student.

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Aug 28 2011

Don’t Call It A Comeback

I have a confession: I like women’s basketball. In both basketball and teaching, In difficult circumstances, people need to see their teammates succeeding, so they have a sense of hope for what could be possible. “To be able to say I was part of turning this organization around, I would love to be able to do that.” -Sheryl Swoopes.

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Aug 23 2011

All In the Name of Progress (Reports)

It was the best of days, it was the worst of day; as I entered week three of year two of teaching, I found myself constantly looking for wood to knock on for good luck… I bring my A-game because my students bring theirs. When you feel motivated, anything is possible, but when you’re beaten down and feel hopeless, everything feels impossible.

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Aug 21 2011

Walk This Way

Today, a streak ended. There are many famous feats that have gone down in history from Michael Jordan’s 10 scoring titles in 12 seasons to Cal Ripken Jr’s 2,632 baseball games to Ken Jennings 74 jeopardy wins in row. For my part, I was just hoping to go two weeks without having to write an office referral. Gotta celebrate the small successes, right!?
FACT: Teachers have to be counselor-therapists in addition to instructional leaders in the classroom.

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So far, so good. My first week was so drastically different from last year but I’m not getting my hopes up just yet. There a few reasons for this change but I have to stop and say “Wow, what a difference a year makes!”

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Aug 10 2011

Today Was A Good Day… Pinch Me!

My first days have been good. Pinch me- am I dreaming? My students have brought their A-game and I will bring it too.

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Aug 02 2011

Why So, Second Year?

After a month of reflection in Maine, I’ve decided not to again make the mistake of ignoring my thoughts on teaching in the Delta. I can accept them, move on, and improve student achievement. It starts with this blog, “River Deep, Mountain High”

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